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You can't see the difference, but your engine can

john deere cylinder liner

Some manufacturers claim their engine parts meet or exceed John Deere specifications. However, these look-alikes cannot compete with the continuous technology improvements of genuine John Deere parts. Even though the differences might be small, the advancements make a big difference in retaining the performance and reliability of John Deere engines.

If you depend on your engine day after day, don't take a chance on just any cylinder liner. The lowest cost of ownership comes from doing it right the first time.

Hardened surfaces

John Deere liners are heat-treated to a precise hardness and depth to increase durability and life. Proper heat-treat hardness provides a hard surface with good wear characteristics. Proper heat-treat depth ensures no cracking and flaking on the inside of the liner.

Graphite distribution

Genuine John Deere liners feature random and even graphite distribution. This ensures consistent material properties and even surface wear which minimizes oil consumption caused by liner scuffing or wear.

Pre-assembled piston liner kits

Because John Deere kits are pre-assembled, you get peace of mind, performance, and reliability.

  • Eliminates the chance for broken or improperly installed piston rings, which can cause power loss, oil consumption, and excessive wear, leading to seized pistons and potentially premature engine failure
  • Reduces overall costs — no additional labor or special tools required to assemble the individual components