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Product image major cyclone rotary cutter


The MAJOR Cyclone Rotary Shredder is an exceptionally versatile machine that does the work of conventional batwing mowers and flail shredders. Designed for heavy duty use, the Cyclone Shredder is ideal for pastures, brush, set aside acres and row crop fields. These machines are equally at home in forestry margin management and maintaining CRP land.

Its cutting head system has 4 blades per rotor for powerful ‘blender-style’ mulching – perfect for shredding crops such as cotton stalks and wheat stubble – but with 50% less HP required than a similar-sized flail. The 18ft model only requires a 110hp tractor, less than half the power needed to operate a multicrop flail shredder which means 50% fuel savings upfront. Cutting rotors are spaced 2 ¼ feet apart, doubling the number of heads found in batwing mowers to ensure any material is cut cleanly and evenly spread with no windrows. The double-chop blade system eliminates the need to carry multiple blade sets for crop shredding or other applications.

Watch the Cyclone in action!

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The MAJOR Cyclone is manufactured using high performance Strenx™ 700 MC structural steel. The high strength and consistent properties means it can take higher payloads and as a result makes the Major Cyclone stronger, lighter, safer and more sustainable. Combined with hot-dip galvanization to EN ISO 1461:2009 specifications, the Cyclone Shredder is guaranteed impact tough.  Hardox® 450 abrasion-resistant steel discs protect the high-grade hardened spring steel blade system while the shredder is working.



Product Features

  • Two models: 18ft, 20ft
  • Fits fully mounted CAT II and III quick hitch
  • Easy adjustable cutting height range of 2” to 6¾”


Performance Features

  • Heavy duty full-length rear roller follows ground contours
  • Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail
  • Even distribution of cut material
  • Impressive forward speeds
  • Delivers 50% savings on power consumption and fuel costs


Construction Features

  • Walterscheid PTO shaft and customized heavy duty Comer gearboxes
  • Produced from Strenx® 700, a material 2½ times stronger than standard steels used in agricultural machinery production.
  • Hardox® 450 abrasion-resistant steel discs
  • Unique heavy duty blade system for maximum mulching and shredding.


Safety Features

  • Wings hydraulically fold up for safe and easy transport



Model MJ30-560 MJ30-630
Overall width 19' 21' 4 ½"
Cutting width 18' 4" 20' 8"
Transport width 6' 7" 9' 1 ¾"
Power (HP) 100-150 HP 140-190 HP
PTO (rpm) 1000 1000
Cutting height 2" to 6 ¾" 2" to 6 ¾"
No. of Rotors 8 9
No. of Blades 32 36
Weight 3,700 lbs. 4,130 lbs.
Blade speed 11,400 FPM 11,400 FPM