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John Deere 2635 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks

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  • Easily tension disk gang bolts
  • Variety of residue managing solutions available
  • Extended-life bearings improve productivity
  • Mechanical wing control increases frame levelness for five-section disks
  • 2630 Series includes disks for light, medium, and heavy-duty tillage


Model 2635 Three- and Five- Tandem Disks
Working Depth up to 8 in (203 mm)
Working Speed 5 to 7 mph (8-11.3 km/h)
Required HP (PTO)/FT 9 to 12 (22.05-29.4 kw/m)
Weight/Blade 280 lbs to 286 lbs (127-129.7 kg)
Residue Conditions medium/heavy
Depth Control TruSet/Single-point