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Bush Hog Terra Hog Frames

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Performance Features
  • Connects to a variety of compact implements
  • See Product Literature for full details!
Construction Features
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Hardened steel bolts
  • Electric actuator available


Implement TypeModel Numbers
See Terra Hog Product Literature for model specifications!
Aerator ARV48 ARV60 ARV72
Box Blade BXV48 BXV60 BXV72
Carry-All CAV
Cultipacker CPV48 CPV60 CPV72
Disc Harrow DHV36 DHV50 DHV66
Field Cultivator FCV48 FCV60 FCV72
Landscape Rake LRV48 LRV60 LRV72
Plugger PGV48 PGV60 PGV72
Rear Blade RBV48 RBV60 RBV72
Road Grader RGV48 RGV60 RGV72