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  • MegaTill Sub-Soilers include diamond mast four bar frame with 4x4x3/8” tube on the front bar. MegaTill Inter-Row SubSoilers include diamond mast double bar frame. Tool bars for 7 and 9 row MegaTill Inter-Row SubSoilers include tool bars with a Heavy Duty Option. Heavy Category III Wide 4” Drop Hitch is standard on all models.
  • 1 x 8 x 36” Shank is constructed from high strength Formally 400 steel to resist stress, bending, and abrasion even under harsh field conditions. The front portion of each shank is protected with a replaceable chromium carbide wear shin. The shin has a pointed front edge to reduce drag and may be rotated for extended wear. 36-inch ground clearance is valuable to obtain optimum plowing depths and provide growing crop clearance. Shanks are also equipped with a chromium carbide point. Chromium material on ground engaging parts can provide up to four times the wear of traditional hard-faced points. All shanks are drilled to accept root cutting knives.
  • Double bar reinforced clamps spread the shank load and stress between two frame members. Shank may be mounted in the front or back position of each clamp. Shear bolts provide protection if an underground obstruction is encountered.
  • MegaTill Sub-Soiler features available Spring Loaded Swivel Coulters with 20” fluted blades. Coulters provide up to 1200 pounds of residue slicing pressure per coulter blade.


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