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Bigham Finishing Tools

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Standard Features:

  • Wide selection of mount brackets to fit any size tool bar.
  • Mount assembly features ratchet jack for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • Modular mount frame is constructed from 4x4x3/8” tube.
  • All finishing tools are equipped with triple sealed greasable flange bearings.


Smooth Pipe Roller

Large diameter (16”) pipe is used to construct the smooth roller. Larger pipe rolls up and over uneven terrain to leave a smooth, consistent surface. Surface residue may be flattened without burying stalks.

Spiked Roller

Mounted finishing tool equipped with 12-3/4” pipe and 3/8 x 2-1/2 x 3-1/2” teeth arranged in a spiral pattern across the roller. Flat spikes enhance positive rotation of the roller and partially mix surface residue with fresh soil.

This tool is popular behind a Paratill® as a one pass preparation to plant wheat and other drilled crops.

Basket (Spiral Blade Crumbler)

Spiral blades on mounted basket aggressively engage the soil to break up clods, seal moisture and even incorporate chemicals. Basket leaves a surface condition to resist crusting and reduce soil and water erosion. Eight blades are spread over a 16” diameter to operate in moist soil conditions.


Cast rings float on a pipe to firm the surface over an uneven contour such as beds. Beds are maintained, and directional teeth on each ring pulverize clods and crimp stalks to the soil.


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