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Winter Tips

This is a great time to organize and repair. First thing, think safety! Make sure that all pesticides are properly labeled and sit on a high shelf away from children. That’s a good place to keep f cans too. Never put pesticides in a strange container that could be confused with something else. Keep fertilizer in a dry place to prevent moisture damage


Storing Tools for Winter

Take some time to protect your equipment and prepare it for next spring. Rinse off metal tools, including shovels, trowels, and rakes, and dry them thoroughly. Spraying household oil on the metal parts will help prevent rust.


Gas-Powered Equipment

If you are not going to be using your lawn equipment for awhile then read the operator’s manual for tips proper storage. For your mowers, you can usually retain the old oil until spring as long as you change it before the first mowing. When you do change the oil, sharpen the cuffing blade, too.


Winter is also good time to perform maintenance on your gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. If y decide to do it yourself your operator’s manual is the starting place for information on preventive maintenance, troubleshooting tips and repair guidance. Clean your mower and inspect it carefully to ma sure all the nuts and bolts are tight, and all the safety shields and controls are in place. Also, scrape the underside of the mower deck to remove any grass clipping buildup that can get moldy in storage. But if you’re too busy for changing oil, replacing the oil filter, putting in a new plug, and cleaning the air filter then let us do it for you. Bring in your lawn mower or tractor to Robstown Hardware during this off-sea time to be fully prepared for that first mowing day next spring. If you have a powered tiller, run the fuel system dry or use a fuel stabilizer. Old gasoline can clog the carburetor and cause hard starting next year


Planting Trees

The ideal time for planting most trees in Texas is November through March. They’re dormant and the shock of transplanting is less than in warmer months. It also gives their root systems a chance to develop before the water demands of the warmer months. The exceptions are palm frees, which do better when planted in the summertime. At planting time, deep water the root zone beneath the branches, not right at trunk. Don’t fertilize until spring.


Thinking About Spring

Winter is a perfect time to plan ahead to the warmer months. Does your lawn need some landscaping changes? If you have a lawn area that makes mowing difficult or risky, you can eliminate the problem b planting a ground cover in the problem area. If trees and shrubs have grown into obstacles that force you back up with your mower, consider pruning them or taking them out, so you can always mow in a forward direction for safety. Now is a great time to research plants for a perennial border or to plan for that vegetable garden. If you plant a garden every year be sure to rotate crops because planting vegetables in the same every year allows the soil to build up crop specific disease organisms. This can be a family activity. When planning, let the kids pick out a few new varieties of vegetables or flowers. They’ll enjoy watching their plants grow in the spring.

Don’t forget to check for tools and equipment that are worn and need replacing. Also consider purchasing new equipment if your needs will change. Hand tools and powered equipment are being improved every year, so there are always new things to look at.

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