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  • Compression springs
  • Cutting teeth
  • iMatch™ compatible
  • Steel roller studded
Manufacturer John Deere
Model SP2284
Working width 84 in. (213.4 cm)
Height  39 in. (99.1 cm )
H-Beam  12x11.5 in.  (30.5x29.2 cm )
Operating  875 lb (396.9 kg )
Shipping  940 lb (426.4 kg )
Tractor compatibility  
Tractor hp 30 - 70 hp (22.4-52.2 kW)
Category  Cat. 1  
iMatch™ compatibility  ---  
Scarifying teeth  
Type  Bar  
Front quantity  15  
Front dimensions 0.5x2 in. (1.3x5.1 cm )
Rear quantity  14  
Rear dimensions  0.5x2 in. (1.3x5.1 cm )
Roller diameter  6.6 in. (16.8 cm )
Roller pin quantity  124  
Roller pin size  0.38x1 in. (1x2.5 cm )
Bearing size 1 in. ( 2.5 cm )
Compression springs  
Quantity  Two  
Down pressure per spring 160 lb ( 72.6 kg )
Type  Heavy  
Second roller assembly (optional)  
Spring quantity  Two  
Spring down pressure per spring 80 lg ( 36.3 kg )
Set-up time  
Labor hours  0.5 hours  
Time period  One year