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When you see a field tilled this black, you know it’s gold

It’s practically picture-perfect. The 2730 Combination Ripper is a four-in-one tillage system that sizes stalks, buries residue, reduces compaction and leaves the consistent field finish you want in just one pass — fully prepped for your seedbed tillage pass.

It starts with aggressive residue sizing and burying. Featuring a True Width design, the 2730 Combination Ripper delivers up to a full 26-ft. (7.9 m) working width — 44 percent more than our previous model. Only John Deere gives you edge-to-edge productivity across the entire width of the machine.

The 26-in. (66 cm) blades are 18-percent larger than before. Available in a gang configuration or individually mounted, they’re set at an 18-degree angle for aggressive sizing and chopping ability in tough residue. With 350 pounds (158.8 kg) of downforce per blade, they can slice and bury more residue with far less plugging.

The grand finale is a thing of beauty. With so much aggressive mixing and burying of residue, how does the field look so consistently finished? The patented three-position rolling basket does an effective job delivering a dependable finish across the entire width of the machine.

With the 2730 Combination Ripper, you’ll stay in the field longer with less downtime, thanks to the industry’s largest frame and tires for heavy-duty durability and a longer life of consistent performance.

It’s quick and easy to match disks, ripper shanks, closing disks and rear attachments to a wide range of field conditions. With this level of performance, you’ll produce the soil environment needed to reach your maximum yield potential. And you’ll do it more hours every day because the 2730 Combination Ripper is designed to maximize uptime.