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The toughest, smoothest disk ripper on earth

Nowhere on earth can you find a disk ripper that does all this: Size and manage residue. Penetrate and shatter the compaction layer. Bury and mix residue. And help level the soil profile. All in just one pass.

 More muscle

Heavyweight C-spring standards add both muscle and flex, protecting the gangs from obstacles. The result: consistent disking depth, even in hard-packed ground and rocky fields.

The largest gang bolt in the industry for extra reliability. No matter what your field conditions are, the gangs on the 2720 Ripper won’t falter for greater reliability. All bolts are designed with an innovative easy-tension feature.

Ripper shanks shatter hardpan soils like nothing else on earth, eliminating yield-robbing soil compaction up to 15-inch (38.1 cm) depths. Along with its heavyweight 24-inch blades, the 2720 Ripper delivers improved residue flow in the toughest conditions.

Shattering expectations

Industry-exclusive active hydraulic rolling basket option helps the 2720 Disk Ripper effectively break up clods, slabs and root balls — delivering the smoothest, most level soil profile available from a disk ripper.

No need to grease the gang bearings — ever. Sealed maintenance-free bearings use a high-density polymer liner so the bearing can dynamically align the shaft in challenging field conditions.

Exclusive hydraulic fore/aft leveling lets you make easy adjustments as field conditions change to keep the disk level from the comfort of your cab.