Grain Harvesting 615P Series Headers for sale at Robstown Hardware Co., TX. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Robstown, TX.

The 615 Belt Pickup brings an improved level of performance in windrow harvesting to the marketplace.

The dual-belt delivery system, the FieldGlide™ suspension system, and a larger auger with an improved finger pattern for better crop engagement supply superior crop handling.

These, along with other features such as a remote hydraulic-adjustable windscreen and header height sensing, deliver maximum performance for the customer—performance that increases the productivity of John Deere combines.

179-inch-wide pickup belts
Four 44.5-inch rubber belts deliver impressive performance. You’ll see tighter tracking, as well as reduced seed losses, vs. competitive offerings with nine belts.

More drive capacity
Connectors between belts increase drive capacity, even in tough conditions, without the need for a center support on the drive rollers.

Tremendous reliability
Dual hydraulic motors on the belts mean fewer moving parts, which mean fewer repairs.

Exclusive FieldGlide suspension
Say goodbye to platform bounce. FieldGlide suspension dampens movement during field operation for faster harvesting speeds.