Farm Equipment - Service Technician

The essential job functions are as follows:

  • Recondition and repair tractors and other equipment assigned for repair in the
    shop or field area, which will require lifting heavy parts and tools from time to time.

  • Must be able to work 40+ hours, especially during the harvest season.

  • Maintain a clean, neat and safe work area and perform all miscellaneous duties
    associated with the job.

  • Maintain and care for all shop tools, equipment, and vehicles that are assigned or
    used by him/her.

  • Be able to diagnose the trouble and plan out methods and the sequence of repair.

  • Be able to operate a forklift and power tools safely as needed and assist other
    technicians if needed.

  • Perform other related service work as requested by management.

  • Responsible to account for all posting and accounting of all service time and materials

  • Work with service manager and shop foreman in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of
    their department and participate in overall teamwork approach with all departments.

  • Help promote customer loyalty and protect dealer image of quality.

  • Able to follow directions from a supervisor.

  • Able to interact effectively with co-workers.

  • Able to understand and comply with posted rules and procedures.

  • Able to accept constructive criticism.